Consulting Services

Organization Design Solutions’ (ODS) services are customized to facilitate the goals, objectives and strategic mission of your organization. The first step in partnering with ODS is an initial consultation to discuss the organization’s challenges, current state operations, and future state goals. The following are specific examples for opportunities to partner with the ODS team:

  • Strategic Management: The management and alignment of operational activities and processes with the strategic objectives of the organization
  • Organization (Re)Design Structure: The configuration of the organization in terms of its structure, reporting relationship, workflow, and staffing complement
  • Job (Re)Design: The design of positions, their roles, and the corresponding tasks/work being performed in the job
  • Skill Sets and Competencies: Alignment of knowledge, skills, and competencies with organizational needs
  • TechnologyImpact of new systems, automation and technology on operational activities

What Our Partners Are Saying:

  • It has been my privilege to work with Deborah Wright and her team at Organization Solutions. As our institute faced the departure of many senior level staff, the OS team stepped in to assist the institute’s planning task force with insight and guidance on such issues as succession planning, managing administrative shortfalls, preserving institutional knowledge, and ultimately exploring reorganization options.  I credit Deborah and her team’s experience with navigating the planning task force through the maze of human relations, institutional, and broader university restrictions.  Thanks to the OS team for their experience and guidance in this challenging task.
    – Michael Miller, Institute Program Director and Task Force Leader
  • Our College is immensely grateful to Deborah Wright and her Talent and Organization Solution Team for the assistance and guidance provided during the organization design assessment done for our College. This is an intense process that requires knowledge and understanding about the organizational structure of Colleges and their units. Deborah and her team interviewed every SHRA employee in the College along with their respective supervisors. They reviewed job descriptions, identified inefficiencies and inequities in work-load and compensation and then finally made recommendations. We have been able to implement those recommendations. The best part of this process is being able to have the guidance and assistance from the Talent and Organization Solution team. Our College team would have not been able to implement all the recommendations as quickly and effectively without their committed support. As a result, our SHRA staff is better prepared to be successful and enjoy the work-life our College offers.
    – Lili Collazo, College Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
  • I would like to thank Organization Solutions for all of the hard work and recommendations provided in assisting us to improve our structure, effectiveness and efficiency of the operational activities. This initiative included an assessment that allowed our department to work towards improvements in work processes, procedures, distribution of labor and workflow. The assessment also included clarification of tasks, roles and functions as well as required skill sets for operating effectively and efficiently.
    Interviewing and involvement of staff was crucial in the assessment and allowed their perception to be heard and valued throughout the process.
    With the assistance from Organization Solutions and their initial findings, action steps were established to improve areas of weakness and incorporate the organization’s strengths. The accomplishments have been remarkable!
    – Ada Baldwin, Facilities Services Director

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