What We Do

Organization Design Solutions (ODS) is a service that provides consultation and assessment related to an organization’s design and structure. Our service includes an assessment of effectiveness, efficiency, and optimization of resources. Organization Design Solutions focuses on the effective alignment and integration of people, processes, workflow, communication, and technology in order to facilitate and support your organization’s strategic goals and operations.

Organization Design Solutions employs a holistic approach that includes collaboration and partnership with other Human Resources teams as needed. This partnership could encompass collaboration with other Human Resource activities such as recruitment, creation and classification of positions, compensation, employee training and development, team building, and performance management.

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to help organizations align their organizational structure, and resources with their strategic objectives and priorities. We assist in identifying and creating opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. Our consultative and focused approach is designed to assist organizations to prioritize, leverage, and optimize resources for current state and future state goals.

The key components in an organizational assessment are:

Key Components